Pole Barns

Because pole barns come in various shapes and sizes, they need an insulation solution that is effective and budget-friendly.  Pole barns require insulation that doesn’t just protect from the cold – It also must provide protection from radiant heat and condensation.  Beyond temperature regulation, insulating your pole barn with spray foam insulation provides the structure with added strength and support.

Insulating your pole barn ensures you are protecting what is inside.  Whether you are building a garage to store your tractor or constructing a small “man cave” in your backyard, how you prevent unwanted air movement into and out of your building is an important consideration.  Spray foam insulation helps control the humidity in your pole barn, as well.

Finally, sound buffering is another factor, especially if the pole barn is near the house. Some customers use their pole barns as a shop and they are using big, loud machining tools. Insulating the pole barn can cut down on the amount of noise heard when you’re working hard, or loudly playing.

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Ohio Valley Spray Foam - Pole Barns

Ohio Valley Spray Foam - Pole Barns